Trade-UPS Program Terms & Conditions from 1st January 2016
By Participating in the Trade-UPS , Customer accepts the following terms and conditions provided by Schneider Electric IT New Zealand Pty Limited ACN 088 913 866 (SEIT):

A. Eligibility

  1. Customer may trade in any single-phase UPS unit of any age, voltage or brand;
  2. Trade-in UPS must be a standard UPS unit (i.e., chassis with electronics and a battery cell enclosed inside the UPS); and
  3. Customer must purchase the NEW APC UPS from an authorised SEIT reseller in New Zealand.
  4. For the new UPS purchased, the UPS must be APC branded and the model number start with either BE, BK, BR, BH, SC, SUA, SUM, SMC, SMT, SMX, SURT, SRT, SYH or SYA in order to be eligible for this program rebate.
  5. Only the UPS's listed in the SEIT Trade-UPS rebate table are offered under the Trade-UPS program. For more information on the APC UPS's available under the Trade-UPS program -click here.
  6. Not available with any other discount or offer.

B. Entitlement

  1. Each Customer is entitled to make a claim for a maximum of 5 x UPS units per claim. A customer may not make more than 20 x UPS claims per year.
  2. The total VA-rating of the old UPS unit(s) must be either equal to or smaller than the total VA-rating of the new APC unit(s). The new APC UPS unit(s) may also not exceed the old UPS unit(s) total VA capacity by more than 3 times.
  3. Customer's rebate entitlement is based on the NEW APC UPS purchase ONLY and not the old UPS traded in. For information on the rebate entitlements offered by SEIT -click here.
  4. SEIT will pay for old units up to a combined weight for all UPS units to be collected of 250kg to be picked up and returned to us. For consignments over this weight the rebate amount will vary - please contact SEIT.
  5. Not available with any other discount or offer.

Click here to view examples.

C. Process for Claiming Trade-UPS Rebate

  1. To take advantage of this promotion, the customer must perform the following within 30 days of purchasing a new APC UPS:
    1. Completed Online Trade-UPS Request Form (with all fields properly completed);
    2. Provide a copy of the original sales invoice paid for the new APC UPS purchased within the last 30 days (to be scanned and attached to the Online Trade-UPS Request Form); and
    3. Return the old UPS.
  2. The customer shall contact APC via the Trade-UPS website at to lodge the Trade-UPS application only AFTER the customer has purchased the NEW APC UPS.
  3. SEIT will acknowledge the Trade-UPS application to the customer via e-mail. The customer will be required to arrange for the trade-in UPS unit(s) to be picked up by SEIT’s authorised shipping agent per the details provided with the said mentioned e-mail acknowledgement.
  4. SEIT will pay the Trade-UPS Rebate to customer by way of electronic funds transfer (EFT) on a monthly payment cycle from the date of receiving the old UPS at an authorised SEIT warehouse, provided all conditions are met.
  5. Not available with any other discount or offer.

D. Packing Instructions for Trade-In UPS

  1. For SEIT Pick-Up:
    1. Customer shall disconnect the batteries and pack the UPS for easy pick-up by SEIT's shipping agent at the scheduled time.
    2. The SEIT shipping agent will only accept UPS that are pre boxed in accordance with the specifications set out on the shipping page. Failure to do so may result in additional charges or cancellation of rebate.
    3. The customer must label the return UPS container with the customer contact details as well as the unique Trade-UPS authorisation number in order to validate their claim. This information is provided in the acknowledgement e-mail by SEIT.  

E. SEIT’s Liability

  1. SEIT shall not be liable to Customer for any trade-in UPS which is lost, delayed or destroyed during transportation to any authorised SEIT warehouse. In such cases, SEIT reserves the right not to grant the Trade-UPS Rebate.
  2. SEIT’s maximum liability to each Customer in contract and in tort for any loss arising out of this rebate program shall not exceed the amount of the Trade-UPS Rebate which that Customer is entitled to. SEIT shall not be liable to the Customer (in contract or in tort) for any indirect or consequential loss (including loss of profit, revenue, opportunity or data) arising out of the performance by SEIT of this rebate program.
  3. SEIT reserves the right to change any aspect of or discontinue this program at it sole discretion at any time without notification.

F. Warranties

  1. Customer warrants that:
    (a) it is the legal owner of each trade-in UPS; and
    (b) each trade-in UPS does not infringe any third party intellectual property rights.
  2. In the event any of the above warranties is breached, Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SEIT, its officers and employees from and against all third party demands for any loss, claims, actions, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including legal fees) relating to or arising from such breach.
  3. The Customer will be held accountable for adherence to the process and the program by SEIT who will audit returned UPS units to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the Trade-UPS program.
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